3.Biomass pellet burner in Guangxi(Beihai) of China

Application of Biomass pellet burner in Guangxi(Beihai) of China

Biomass pellet burner in Guangxi(Beihai) of China is applicable to drying equipment, smelting furnace, heating boiler,alternative fuel(gas) burner and other equipment which need heating heat source, easy to use,safe and reliable.

Performance & Characteristics:

1. Specifications of selected biomass pellet fuel: diameter 6-8mm, length 20-40mm.
2. Fluidized combustion:Ensure the combustion efficiency and flue gas standard.
3. Upper rotating feed: Unique feed method with simplified furnace structure. Ensure material uniform distribution, and fire smoke suppression and the secondary air distribution function.
4. Level wind: Ensure smooth discharge, the utmost to reduce the grate slagging rate.
5. Little slagging of furnace wall:whirlwind protection make the furnace wall little slagging, improve the working life of furnace and reduce the cleaning work.
6. Modular design: fast and reliable repair and replacement.
7. Long life: use heat insulation design for feed pipe, fire outlet and furnace door.
8. Air Cooling: Preheat air distribution, thermal efficiency increased by 5%

9. Fire Outlet Temperature: 800-1200°c

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