How to avoid foreign trade development letter is regarded as junk mail?

How to avoid foreign trade development letter is regarded as junk mail?
The most common way for the development of foreign trade business daily development customers should be the B2B platform and the development of foreign trade letter bar. B2B platform is fine, the inquiry will not be less, almost no free, in addition to ECVV relatively a little inquiry. Foreign trade business remaining time is writing letter, one day did not have dozens of hundreds of letters development letter, of course if using other software, thousands of them are very common, the reply to a 2~3 is also good. And there may be a large part of the direct into the spam, how to avoid it?
1 first to understand the mail system, what kind of e-mail will be judged as spam?
Spam: according to the judgment rules of the International Association of e-mail: without the recipients allowed in a period of time, the transmission frequency is too fast, too high, the other did not duplicate content subscription but sender send attachments, email containing SPAM high-frequency words, are factors that were judged as spam.
2 how to avoid being treated as spam?
A. for the first time to send a new e-mail address the best not to have pictures and attachments, and other customers can reply to you.
B. development letter do not have URL. There are links to words, but also very easy to be blocked, because the mail system will think there is a potential threat. If it is the company's Web site is best to cancel the effect of the link, the front of the HTTP removed, so that customers can still see the site.
C. using normal font. The characteristics of the font can attract attention, if you enter a single spam, it The loss outweighs the gain..
D. simple, formal title. It is recommended to use some simple and some of the title, a bit more formal, to avoid the title and the content is not consistent, customers see, will be very disgusted. Although the comparison of alternative title can attract people, but also very dangerous, and increased the possibility of interception
E. do not group, targeted e-mail,. From the system to determine the cause of the spam is not difficult to see, the bulk of the interception rate will be high,. One day sent thousands of letters, it is better to send dozens to one hundred targeted development of the mail.
F. mail to have a reasonable layout, not messy.
G.SPAM high frequency words to avoid, such as: Free, Discount, Opportunity, Rate, Profit, Save, Merchant, Stock, ActNow, All, New, Call, Now, Subscribe, Now, Million, Dollars, Opportunity, Win, Winner, Please, Read, Don't, Delete, Special, Promotion, Cheap, Deal, Debt, Income, Insurance. Loan, Money, Mortgage, Price, Compare, Check, Cash, Bonus, Credit, Loans, Buy, Direct, Get, Paid, Order, Now, Specializing, Specialized, Offer, Satisfaction Guaranteed, You've Been Selected.
This is mainly a few factors, want not to be as spam, remember these points.


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